Mar 09

My love affair with sleep

So here we are, day 2 of being back to work.  We have actually done pretty well in the morning.  Yesterday we managed to be out of the driveway by 7:27 and I was at work by 8:07.  Today we left at 7:18 and I made it to work before 8:00.  Whoo-hoo! 

Of course, to do this, I have had to adjust my sleep habits — and not for the good.  I will admit, I am not too happy about this.  As long as I can remember, I have loved to sleep.  I am a die-hard 8-hours-per-night kind of girl and it used to be that I would never turn down the opportunity for a good nap on the weekends.  Now, I am lucky to get 5 hours.  That’s 5 hours total, not just 5 hours straight.   Right now our last feeding is around 10 or 11 pm.  While Big-E has offered to take this one on his own so I can go to sleep earlier, so far I have not been able to actually get to bed earlier.  When you have 8 bottles to prepare for the next day, a toddler to care for, and a breast pump session to attend to, time seems to be scarce.  And one can’t pump too early in the evening if one wants to make it to the morning without soaking the bed.    Sigh…

On the bright side, little O is sleeping until around 6 am.  Little U gives it his best shot and wavers between 3:30 and 5:30.   Both are eating like champs and doing well at daycare.  A-Man is having some Mommy withdrawal and gets up with me when he hears me in the bathroom.  Poor guy is going to end up wit his own sleep deprivation issues!  

This morning we had the following conversation:

Me: A-Man, how did you get to be such a sweet boy?
A-Man: Mommy.
Me: Mommy taught you to be sweet?
A-Man: And Daddy….You make me happy.

And I have 2 more just like him!  Guess it makes it all worth it in the end.  I can sleep later.

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