Jun 09

Quick update

Well, here we are, three months into being back to work and three months since I have been able to post an entry. Ugh! Even now I am sneaking this in on the last 15 minutes of my work day.

Boy oh boy have my little boys grown! Our little U, who was so tiny at birth, had an ear infection and needed to visit the pediatrician last week. He was a whopping 15 lbs 5 oz! And his “little” brother O is even bigger. My biceps and shoulder muscles are really getting some definition from carrying them one in each arm every morning. They are both eating well. Still getting over 80% of their liquid intake from me. (I add about an ounce of formula each time they have a bottle.) We also started cereal which has been an adventure.

Big brother A-Man is just too awesome for words. He has started the summer program at his daycare and just moved to a new room. Luckily his teacher is the one he has had in the afternoon so it wasn’t too much of a change for him. She is focused on getting her kids potty trained. He has done well with this at school so we are going to try and focus on it at home this weekend.

And finaally, we got custody of Little-E which is great! (Challenging, but great!) He has totally brought his grades up in the 5 weeks he has been with us and is adjusting to our “new” schedule. We go back to court in August to finalize things.

Out of time for now. No promises on finding time to write again soon!

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