Nov 15

House confined

So, this is my third week on “home confinement.”  I’ll admit, I wasn’t too thrilled when the doctor told me that I needed to “cut back” on my hours at work.  But trying to cut back ended up being a more stressful process than just working a full 40 hours each week.  After 2 weeks of “cutting back” the doctor decided that “no work” was a better approach.  My last day at work was October 28. 

But here I am, and I must admit that as much as I was in denial — I was planning on working until these babies were born — being at home has been the best for both me and the babies.  At our last appointment, both had grown 12 ounces.  I had a non stress test last week and we passed with flying colors!  I am able to function in the evenings, where before I would get home from the office so tired and in so much pain that my husband and baby were paying the toll.   I am still able to drive and DO run the occasional errand, but no more than an hour or 2 out of the house at a time.   We have another non stress test and an ultrasound this Thursday and I hope the progress continues to be positive!

In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy my rest and the feel of these two babies moving around in my belly.  (And boy do they MOVE!)  And try and figure out this blog stuff and how to get it all to look the way I want it to.  Stay tuned!

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