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Jun 09

Quick update

Well, here we are, three months into being back to work and three months since I have been able to post an entry. Ugh! Even now I am sneaking this in on the last 15 minutes of my work day. Boy oh boy have my little boys grown! Our little U, who was so tiny …

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Feb 08

6 weeks old already

Boy oh boy. U and O are 6 weeks old today and today is the first post I’ve logged since they arrived. So that either means that I am such a great mom that all of my time is dedicated to caring for my boys, or that any “spare” minute I get is spent trying …

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Dec 13

Twins Day

I found this link on a parenting forum I follow.   I thought it was interesting.  We live maybe 30 minutes from Twinsburg.  I grew up not an hour away from Twinsburg.  My mother and aunt (twins) and my 20-year-old neices (twins) have NEVER attended a Twins Day Festival.  Perhaps 2011 will be the year to …

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Nov 29

Where does the time go?

Wow.  Blogging is harder to keep up on than I thought it would be.  One would think that since I am not working, I would have all the time in the world to write.  I suppose I do.  But at the same time, there are so many other things that need to happen as well.  …

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Nov 12

November 12, 2010

Welcome to Abode Full of Boys.  This is my first post, just to get us started.  I’ll start filling in more of the “general info” as time passes.  But for now, I just wanted to say that this site has been created as a way for me to share my journey as the sole female …

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